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Bistro Main Street Euro-American Bistro & Bar
August Menu and Wine & Beer List
Cabana - Your Daily Beach Substitute
August Summer Concerts
Labor Day the Cabana Way
Happy Hour M-F / 4-6p
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Soft Summer Breezes
I can't recall such beautiful weather lasting through so much of the summer.  Just because it's not sweltering doesn’t mean that an ice cold beer or margarita by the Cabana must wait - in fact it makes the journey even more comfortable and dinner more delicious.  See you there!

Bakery Main Street Eatery & Gourmet Bakery
Flagship store established in 1984.

Summer Menu Mix
Smoothies and Homemade IC Sandwiches
Cakes: Made Fresh for any Special Occasion
Easy Carry Out Catering
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Kingston (c1723)
Nearly 300 Years of history. Rt 27/Lincoln Highway (c1913) the nation's first transcontinental motorway. Take a walk or bike ride along the locks and tow-path of the Delaware & Raritan Canal (c1834) or a summer picnic lunch or dinner by Lake Carnegie (c1906)

Catering Main Street Fine Catering
Fine Food and Service for all occasions!
Wedding Wire Readers Choice 5/5 Stars!
Voted into Knot Hall of Fame
Brides Edit's Pick, Martha Stewart Living
Private Events Welcome: Hopewell Valley Golf Club
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Ready When You Do!
I Do:  Once engaged, Main Street is the regional caterer that needs to be top of your list.  Our own fine food, fine staff, and fine venues make for fine results. Over 62 Wedding Wire reviews speak in depth to our tremendously satisfied brides, grooms, and families about what 'We Do'!

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